American College of Physicians (ACP)

The ACP Physician Mailing List consists of Physicians who are members of the American College of Physicians, the largest and most prestigious organization of physicians specializing in internal medicine (IM) and IM subspecialties such as gastroenterology and cardiology. ACP members are subscribers to Annals of Internal Medicine, and mail order buyers of CME and publications. Ideal prospects for journal subscriptions, medical books, practice management, continuing medical education (CME), pharmaceutical product and medical device promotion.

The ACP list may be rented for physician recruitment only by current advertisers in an ACP publication defined as having purchased at least 1/4 page display ad in ACP Hospitalist, ACP Observer/Internist, ACP Journal Club, or Annals of Internal Medicine within the last three months at the time the list request is made.

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American College of Physicians (ACP)
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