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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Why Use MMS

MMS has an unsurpassed 97% deliverability because we use:

  • Double-permissioned emails from physicians and other professionals themselves at their preferred address, whether it be office or personal, to achieve unrivaled response (click-through) rates.

  • State-of-the-art delivery infrastructure to get your message past filters and in the right inbox, the one recipients actually use

  • Helpful Resources

    MMS has free resources at your disposal to help you master the medium with successful email marketing methods that will help you achieve your objectives.

    Email Marketing Services

    Reach over a million US and international healthcare professionals.

    Email addresses are supplied from premier Healthcare Associations for the best responses.


    Med-E-MailSM reaches over 900,000 physicians.

    AAPA-E-MailSM reaches nearly 60,000 physician assistants (PAs).

    NP-E-MailSM reaches nearly 60,000 nurse practitioners (NPs).

    AADE Diabetes Educators E-MailSM reaches over 18,000 Diabetes Educators.

    Hosp-E-MailSM reaches 175,000 Hospital Personnel and Executives.


    All Available Email Lists

    Med-E-Mail (SM) Physician E-Mail Addresses Broadcast Service
    AAPA-E-Mail (SM) Physician Assistants Email Broadcast
    NP-E-Mail (SM) Nurse Practitioners Email Broadcast Advanced Practice Nurses including CRNAs CNMs and CNS
    AADE Diabetes Educators Broadcast Service
    Hosp-E-Mail (SM) Hospital Personnel and Executives Email Broadcast
    AAP Pediatric Physicians Email Broadcast
    ACCP Chest Physicians Email Broadcast
    ASHP-E-Mail (SM)
    Dent-E-Mail (SM) Dentists Email Broadcast

    Integrate your marketing for better success

    MMS offers a multi touch delivery of your message to the market you are reaching by combining our email marketing and direct mail services. Click here to see how MMS can aid in a better response rate for your campaign.

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