Med-E-Mail Physician E-Mail Broadcast Service

Did you know email is the best method to reach physicians?

Ongoing research has found that Physicians prefer to receive communication via email. Email yields a higher return on investment than other direct marketing mediums

Target the Right Physicians for your message

Quality Data


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Target Selections

Specialty: Primary, Secondary
Enhanced Specialty- HOS (Hospitalist);
IC (interventional Cardiology)
Type of Practice
Phone Number/Fax Number
Preferred Address Type
State/SCF/Zip Code
MSA- Metropolitan Statistical Area
Metro Trading Area
Population Level
PMSA- Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area
ABMS Board Certification/Subcertification
State of Birth
State of Licensure; Year of Licensure
State of Residency Training; Residency Program
Year Completed Residency Training
   (Transition Year)
State of Medical school; Medical school

RX Data
Therapeutic Class
Specific Product
Enhanced Physician Response Data
Continuing Medical Education
Interest in Employment Opportunities
Languages Spoken
Pharmaceutical Marketing


Data Base Match
ME numbers
NPI numbers
Flag Matched Files

Email Broadcast Deployment
Automated Re-Deployment Programs
URL Tracking (Click-throughs)
PIN (Personal Identification Numbers)
  Number Insertion
Suppress Client Supplied Email File
Post Broadcast Opt-out File
Email Broadcast Analysis File

NOWW System


Specialty by Type of Practice Summary

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Med-E-Mail Physician E-Mail Broadcast Service
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