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Email Guidelines

Email Guidelines.

Email marketing is something that has become a “need to do” for all of us. Some of the recent statistics show:

• Email is the fastest growing marketing method to reach Healthcare Professionals.
• Surveys show that Healthcare Professionals prefer to receive relevant information via emails.
 •Email yields a higher return on investment than other direct marketing mediums.

Following is a short list of best practices for optimizing your email messages to help you take advantage of the current success of email marketing,

1. 3 second rule:
The 3 second rule still applies- you have 3 seconds to capture attention, spark interest or action before a recipient decides to open or delete your message.

Make your “From Name” meaningful and relevant to your recipient.  Use your company name, brand name or an executive.

Make your “Subject Line” relevant, short and sweet.  8 of 10 people will skim the subject line. Make each character count, state the product, service and/or offer to encourage action. Make sure the subject line is clear about what your message offers.

2.  Design for Mobile Platforms
62% of Healthcare Professionals use mobile devices to view their emails. Design your email message for pc and mobile devices.  Keep the message simple, one column text with large font sizes and large (“Thumbsize”) call to actions.  Your message should be able to be read on any computer and optimized for mobile devices.

3.  Keep your Message Relevant and Easy to Read
Keep the body of your message clear, concise and uncluttered. Use short paragraphs or bullet points to facilitate quick scanning. Place important messaging and calls to action above the fold.  Make your call to action prominent and easy to understand. Put key words in bold type. Design the message to be readable whether images are downloaded or not. The cleaner and simpler the message the more probability that it will get read and action will be taken.

4.  Track and Analyze Results
Track the results of your email marketing effort.  Consider what changes need to be made, if any. Test different elements of your campaign to optimize the best possible email message with maximum results.

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