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The Do's of Email Subject Lines

Creating the perfect subject line can be a challenge when the average working professional receives more than 100 messages a day. As the leading email marketing service for healthcare professionals, MMS has discovered the best ways to increase your open rates and get the right people reading your emails.
Here are a few tips to get your subject lines on track and get your prospects’ attention: 
  1. Do be specific. Make your subject line clear, relevant and valuable. If people only spend a few moments scanning your email you don’t want  any information they read to be vague or unhelpful. 
  2. Do identify your offer where possible. Mention a recognizable brand product, course name. Consider including a consistent identifier- i.e. CME Course- Internal Medicine Review.    
  3. Do keep it short and sweet. Limit your subject line to the main point, about 28-45 characters. Anything longer and recipients aren’t likely to read all of it, reducing the chance that your email will be opened and read. Remember more people are now reading emails on mobile devices where the text area is more limited than on their computer screens. 
  4. Do use timely topics. Take advantage of how easy it is to connect your message with a current event, or a popular topic, and use it in your subject line. It’s just one way to make a connection with your prospects and make the email appear relevant to them just by reading the subject line. 
  5. Do create a call to action. Ask a question. People are known to respond well when asked to do something, use this to your benefit by requesting something of your recipients.

As fast as you can draw a prospect in, you can send them away. At MMS we pride ourselves on being able to connect your company with the people who want to be reading your message. We are always available to review your subject line and make recommendations when needed.
As the leader in email marketing, MMS reaches thousands of physicians and healthcare professionals through efficient email campaigns. For more information on how an accurate and up-to-date MMS email marketing list can help your company, contact MMS at 1-800-MED-LIST or visit us online at