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Understand the value of subject lines, preview text, and headlines

We are all creatures of habit even when it comes to checking our email. Our habits may vary slightly, but most of us tend to scroll down to delete the emails that are not relevant, useful, or of interest.

Where are your emails being opened?

In an ever-changing digital world, email continues to be a powerful marketing tool to connect with HCPs. However, in order to ensure that email remains effective, it’s important to understand how they are being viewed and in what email clients and on what devices they are being opened.

You too can make an impact with email and automated resends

Research shows that targeting HCPs isn’t a “one and done” process. In fact, 70% of HCPs receive marketing information 2-5 times before they make a decision to act. Automated resends allow you to resend to an entire audience or non-openers only resulting in higher open and click-through rates, engagement, responses, and overall ROI.

Healthcare Digital Marketing: What's Trending for 2016?

Let’s look ahead to 2016 and gauge what’s hot and what’s not; what’s in and what’s out, and what’s up and what’s down. Bottom line, what will be the influencers that drive our marketing efforts, determine how we communicate with our target audiences to stand out and be effective, and demand our attention and resources to technology to remain leaders in our industry?

Email Best Practice Guidelines for Effective Healthcare Marketing

mms would like to offer you this gift of email guidelines based on best practices for effective healthcare marketing. Everything you need to know – all wrapped up right here!

Yes, it's already November. Wrap up your holiday marketing... Plan now to kick off 2016

As 2015 winds down, ramp up your healthcare marketing and end the year with a bang. By taking advantage of these last two months you will be better prepared for the New Year and won’t have to resuscitate your plans in January.

mms Continues to Provide Responsive HTML and Now Offers New Preview Service

In addition to regular testing, mms now offers a Preview Service that allows you to preview your email message in over 40 different email clients and multiple devices.

Email Pre-headers: What are they and why are they so important?

Healthcare professionals – Millenials. GenX. Boomers. HCPs across all age categories share one thing in common: life. Regardless of age, they juggle priorities and struggle with time. The reality is that between conference calls and back-to-back meetings there are only a few minutes to grab coffee, update Twitter feed, peek at Instagram, and check emails…

The Measure of Your Success: 5 Key Metrics Email Marketers Can't Afford to Ignore!

Email metrics are critical to evaluating your online campaign. The information that metrics provide serve as a gauge as to whether or not your email messages are effective – and also tell you what steps should be taken to make your communication more impactful.

What Is Your Healthcare Professional Audience Actually Doing? mms Metrics and Analytics: Understanding the Data and Using it to Connect with the Right HCP Audience

Always on the cutting-edge of technology in an ever-changing technological world, mms uses sophisticated metrics and analytics to evaluate healthcare professionals(HCPs) digital engagement. By continually collecting and compiling detailed data based on behaviors, you learn where and how HCPs are reading your messages.