mms helps organizations with both quantitative and qualitative market research.

AMA Data-Academic and Non-Profit Researchers

By special arrangement with the AMA, mms is the sole licensee of the historical AMA data files. Therefore, mms is the information source for current and historical AMA data requests for a variety of academic, governmental, private sector, and other healthcare research projects.

mms is able to provide snapshots of data that can be compared in order to make statistical analyses.

For more information, check out the American Medical Association Research Analytics File or contact Tom Lorge at 630-477-1564 or

Pharmaceutical and Health Industry Surveys and Panels

mms can provide a sample selection for online and offline research projects. Drive your target audience to an online survey with multi-channel marketing through initial email, follow-up deployments, direct mail, and phone contact.

By using the Med-E-Mail file, researchers are able to deliver to physicians and other HCPs invitations to participate in online surveys and invite them to join their research panel. The online surveys may be the end point of the information collected or the initial screener to get the right HCP audiences to phone or live interviews.