Healthcare Recruitment 95 percent

of physicians want to receive information about job opportunities via EMAIL.


Streamline your recruiting efforts with cost-effective email and direct mail marketing solutions, and find the most qualified candidates using complete, accurate, and highly targetable data. Partner with mms for solution-based strategies that will help you:

  • Connect with qualified candidates

  • Communicate job opportunities

  • Clearly present position/specialty, location, and compensation

  • Fill openings with top recruits


Solutions for your Healthcare Recruitment

The NOWW Platform

A 24/7 web-based marketing platform that allows you to personally manage your email and direct mail campaigns right from your desktop

Annual Volume Agreements

Preferred pricing for unlimited email deployments to your targeted audience

Custom Campaign Pricing Options

Pricing solutions that are based on your complete campaign, not just one deployment

 Healthcare Recruitment Benefits


Quality Data

  • Sourced from the nation’s leading healthcare professional associations and trusted industry partners
  • Real-time daily data cleansing
  • HCP preferred email and direct mail addresses

Successful Email Delivery

  • Send-time optimization for each deployment
  • Spam score review on every creative
  • IP reputation review daily

Data Targeting

  • Specialty
  • Those responsive to job opportunities
  • Last year residents
  • Demographic/geographic selection
  • Born, Trained, Licensed links

Data Driven Reporting

  • Opens/Clicks/Click Throughs
  • Viewing/engagement time/platforms
  • Top devices used
  • Lead scored prospect reports with phone numbers