mms helps medical associations increase membership and boost non-dues revenue using a variety of strategies including:

Multi-channel Marketing 

mms can deliver your message to over 1 million HCPs. We offer excellent email deployment programs and top-quality direct-mail lists that can be utilized in direct mail and telemarketing programs. Our lists are ideal for marketing products and services, recruiting members, and can be used in tandem with publication audience development and circulation applications.

Skilled List Management

mms helps you monetize your database by managing your email marketing service and outsourcing your list rentals.

Conference Traffic Builder Program

mms runs turnkey email programs designed to help exhibitors build traffic. We also offer email service to members who are not able to attend in person. This is a great way to generate significant non-dues revenue quickly by adding value to exhibitor investment.

Database Enhancement and Hygiene

mms will improve the quality and robustness of your database by appending missing elements and updating and verifying all existing information including names, addresses, demographic data, and National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers to "orphan" email addresses.

Digital Identity Services

mms can help you build digital engagement and then demonstrate high engagement levels to advertisers and other stakeholders with our new Med-Pub EngageSM platform. It helps publishers turn digital dimes into dollars by serving more advertising impressions at higher CPM. It also adds member value by facilitating frictionless access to gated content through turnkey, syndicated, single sign-on (SSO) functionality.