3 Reasons why email marketing reigns supreme


For over fifteen years, email marketing has been a major tool for the pharma and healthcare industry. According to McKinsey & Company, email is still the most effective way to acquire customers [and nearly forty times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined], and that 91% of U.S. consumers use email daily. 


Email is not only here to stay, but getting stronger as the years march on.

This is due in part to several factors, but most notably was the use of email on mobile devices, making it accessible anywhere you go, any day, any time. In fact, according to Inbox Marketer, only 45% of users opened email on their desktops as opposed to the 51% who opened mail on their cell phones. This has given cause for marketers to rethink design and structure, and to be more streamlined and strategic with their messaging, thus helping to maintain emails and email marketing and providing great ROI.

If executed in a smart way, marketers will have the opportunity to make email a two-way street, and create a dialogue with their subscribers while gathering information.

3 Trends to Watch For

1. List Growth: Reducing unsubscribe rates while increasing the number of email addresses

Be sure to focus on content as well as acquisition. Once you have them, you want to keep them [from unsubscribing].

2. Email List Fatigue: Maintaining the interest of your subscribers

First, keep in mind that it’s much easier (and cheaper!) to regain the attention of an existing subscriber than to get a new one. For these reasons, it’s important to focus on relevancy and frequency so as not to bore your subscribers. Keep the information tight and only send out content that will engage your subscribers.

3. Growth In Use of Mobile Devices: Your audience is on the move, and your message travels with them

You have more than just smartphones these days to contend with when sending out your message, you have tablets and other mobile devices that may skew your messaging as it was intended to be delivered. This is why you should be aware of methods to make your messaging mobile friendly both in content and design.

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