4 Preview Text Tips to Boost Pharmaceutical Email Open Rates

Pharmaceutical Marketing Preview Text image

What is it exactly that gets physicians and other healthcare professionals to open your Pharmaceutical Marketing emails?

In a recent survey, 67% of physicians said that the Subject Line was the element that prompted them to open pharma email offers. However, the Subject Line, From Name, AND Preview Text, all visible in the inbox, play important roles and offer valuable opportunities to catch HCPs’ attention while they are scrolling. Treat each of these elements like a pitch in a ball game and by optimizing them you will increase your chances of not striking out and instead earn a big win with your digital marketing.

Of the three email elements, the Preview Text is the most overlooked and lost opportunity to get HCPs to open an email. A prime example is the phrase below that is a definite strike against healthcare marketers trying to achieve higher open rates.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Preview Text Example

It is imperative to use this valuable space in the inbox to intrigue HCPs and provide evidence of the important and relevant offer that is awaiting them inside.

Follow these 4 tips to optimize your preview text and increase open rates:

  1. Construct a teaser message
    Use the preview text as a “teaser” for the rest of the email. Its purpose is to grab your readers’ attention, trigger their curiosity, and get them to open and engage with your message.

  2. Elaborate on the subject line
    The shorter the subject line, the better it performs. Preview text allows you to add more detail while keeping the subject line at the most optimal length. Even though preview text can run a little longer, keep additional information straightforward and to the point.

  3. Include strong action words
    Preview text can create a sense of urgency with a strong call-to-action. It can move readers to open sooner instead of being skimmed over in the inbox, put off being read until later, or deleted after some time when the inbox has become inundated with other off-topic emails.

  4. Front-load with most important words
    The preview text box does not have a character limit. However, the number of characters that actually display varies among desktop, mobile, and webmail email clients. As with subject lines, a good rule to follow is to place more important words and messages in the beginning of your preview text. When drafting preview text, try rewording and eliminating unnecessary words. Per best practices, try and keep characters between 35 and 90.

Check out the following effective preview text examples for pharma marketers:

Pharmaceutical Preview Text Example 2

In the example above, the subject line speaks directly to the audience with a call-to-action to ‘treat with confidence’ and names a specific drug. The preview text offers additional information as to why you can ‘treat with confidence’ as well as the specific disease that the drug treats.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Product Name Preview Text Example

The second example provides a specific drug name, important information that is FDA-approved, and a general statement that it provides relief. The preview text highlights the advantages of the drug and the disease that it treats, but leaves the reader wanting to learn more about how the treatment works.

Healthcare professionals are busy and receive hundreds of emails each day. Help them start to recognize your emails among the clutter by consistently providing worthwhile information in your preview text space. Overall, this helps you to build your brand, strengthen relationships with HCPs, grow engagement, and increase scripts.

For more information about how preview text can help get your audience to open your emails, view your message, and engage, contact Damon Schultz at 630-477-1548 or d-schultz@mmslists.com or fill out the form below.