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Our Services

Service is our profession

Service is literally our surname at Medical Marketing Service (MMS). Over 90% of our customers are referrals, which we take as the ultimate complement. No matter that you need to make your marketing succeed, MMS is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

If you have a marketing challenge that doesn’t fall neatly into one of the services listed at right—for example, a custom Web application to ensure users of your site are healthcare professionals--we welcome the opportunity to meet the challenge.

Our Services

Success in today’s direct marketing environment takes more than great lists. That’s why MMS offers you a full range of services to help you master the medical market—from marketing research that discerns characteristics and trends in your target market to identify the right strategy, to tactical services that help you implement and successfully execute your plan.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the wave of the present, and MMS offers email broadcast service to over a million US and international physicians and other health professionals.

We also offer creative services to help you develop email content (creative) that will achieve your objectives.

NOWWSM (Names Online Without Waiting) System

This system lets you select and download lists online, anytime, anywhere via the Internet. With over 100 installations, NOWWSM is the most popular online access system for AMA Physician List users. The great news is you can now access more healthcare lists via NOWWSM. So you can run counts and download lists for immediate use, without minimums, for all the lists you need of physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), nurses, physician assistants (PAs), dentists, and many more.

List Brokerage

As a recognized list broker, MMS can obtain any list available for rental, usually at no additional cost beyond normal list rental.

Physician Verification Service

If you have a Web site with access limited to physicians, you can now use the authoritative American Medical Association (AMA) Physician Masterfile to perform real-time Web physician verification by using MMS’s Physician Verification Service (PVS).

Circulation Management

Experience, efficiency, and effectiveness make MMS the publisher’s choice for 21st century circulation management. Since 1929, MMS, the original American Medical Association (AMA) database licensee, has developed the systems, the service and the staff necessary to provide a full range of controlled circulation management capabilities customized specifically for the needs of medical publishers.

Market Research

MMS can provide sample selection for offline and online research, providing lists for direct mail and phone surveys and email broadcasts to drive audiences to online surveys.

By special arrangement with the AMA, MMS is the source for current and historical AMA data requests for certain academic, governmental, private sector, and other healthcare research projects.

Data Processing

Call MMS about your next data processing project. Available services include:

  • Merge-Purge - MMS offers proven programs that optimize match potential and maximize identification of duplicate records to maximize the effectiveness and minimize the expense of your direct marketing programs, especially important in direct mail in light of today’s postal rates.

  • Postal Optimization - New United States Postal Service (USPS) Move Update regulations require that you update your list, which can be accomplished via National Change of Address (NCOA) within 95 days of mailing to be eligible for Standard Mail or 1st class postal discounts. MMS can NCOA lists you rent from us or other lists (including your house or customer lists) to ensure that you comply with this requirement and avoid the substantial penalties the USPS can assess for non-compliance. MMS postal optimization also makes lists compliant with the entire "alphabet soup" of USPS requirements: CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System), DSF (Delivery Sequence File), LACS (Locatable Address Conversion System), and DPV (Delivery Point Validation), all of which help get your mail optimally delivered at the optimal cost.

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