Streamline your recruiting efforts with cost-effective email and direct mail marketing solutions, and find the most qualified candidates using complete, accurate, and highly targetable data.

Here's what mms will do for you:

  • Offer one-on-one help to create a customized marketing strategy that will exceed your goals and objectives.

  • Execute email marketing best practices daily on your behalf so that your campaigns are effective and successful.

  • Provide complete, accurate, and highly targetable data to select your ideal healthcare professional audience.

  • Perform all the "behind the scenes" activities to ensure seamless delivery so you can focus on targeting your audience, drafting your message, and connecting with HCPs.

  • Study insights from analytics and metrics and apply findings to every email marketing campaign that we perform for ultimate performance and results.


Key Elements When Sending Email to HCPs


Quality Data

Complete, accurate, and highly targetable data
How is our data sourced?

  • Nation's leading healthcare professional associations
  • Trusted industry partners
  • Double-permissioned opt-ins

How is data updated/maintained?

  • Real-time daily data cleansing

How is data used to target?
Demographic/geographic selections including:

  • Specialty
  • Age
  • Last-year residents
  • Ties to specific locations
  • Those responsive to job opportunities
  • And, others specific to the placement opportunity

Successful Email Delivery

Behind-the-scenes activities that ensure seamless delivery
mms continues to maintain an unsurpassed 98% deliverability by performing the following:

  • Send-time Optimization
  • Preferred Email Address Verification
  • IP Reputation Review
  • Spam Score Review

Advanced Analytics

Data-driven insights that help you move forward

HCP Engagement Reports show overall digital engagement at the aggregate physician level including:

  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Opt-outs
  • Viewing/engagement time
  • Viewing platforms
  • NPI numbers
  • Top devices used
  • Total sent
  • Hard bounce-backs
  • Soft bounce-backs
  • Traffic quality scoring

The mms Process

Our goal is to make your overall experience simple and seamless. We will walk you through the process below from beginning to end using insights to shape future projects.

  1. Determine your target audience and precisely define personas by specific selections

  2. Work with our in-house design team to layout HTML creative, draft relevant, on-point content, and create templates that are responsive and to best practice standards

  3. Test email and preview spam score and rendering

  4. Approve, schedule, and deploy scheduled initial email and resend(s) in a professional and timely manner

  5. Use email behavior tracking to customize communication based on how recipients respond to emails

  6. Measure and analyze actual results at the aggregate level