Email ReSends: A sure-fire strategy to boost your bottom line!


Sending an email message follow-up to your target recipients can be a terrific conversion and ROI booster.  This is especially true when marketing to healthcare professionals. According to our recent surveys, this group usually must receive marketing information 2 to 5 times before deciding to act.

To create a successful, automated resend strategy, there are several variations to consider:

ReSend to non-opens within one week. We all have busy schedules, and our overflowing inboxes are there to prove it. Emails can get overlooked, or some recipients meant to open your message but forgot. Sending a follow-up email to the non-openers can be an effective way to generate additional revenue with very little extra work.

ReSend to opens within two weeks. Sending a follow-up email deployment to recipients that opened your original email but failed to convert can boost your ROI by as much as 400%. This makes sense because these recipients showed interest in the offer by opening the campaign’s first wave.

Consider switching things up. In some cases, you may want to change your initial message before resending it. For example, you could tweak the subject line, adding words like “reminder” or “last chance” to create a sense of urgency. Or, to lower the barrier to interaction for resends, use a different call to action; preferably a lower commitment one such as “View offer,” or “For more info,” rather than “Register,” or “Pay now.” Additional tactics include writing an entirely new subject line, resending your message on a different day of the week, and personalizing the message if you did not do so with the first send.

Analyze your results.  Be sure to analyze the results of your ReSend deployment to discover the tactics that worked best. To do this, ask and answer the following questions: How many days passed before most of your email messages were opened? What was the best timing for opens? Did personalization help? What did you find when you measured the unsubscribe rate of your ReSend email against the additional conversions it created?

Simply put, ReSend email programs help you to achieve better results with minimal effort. We’d be glad to help answer any questions you may have, and to create a program that works for you.

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