A/B Testing: What is it and why is it important?


Plan ahead for greater success.

A/B Subject Line Testing helps you know which road to take.

According to recent Physician Surveys, the majority of physicians said that a subject line prompts them to open an email.

The split-second decision to open an email based on an average of only 45–50 characters screams the importance of a subject line to your overall campaign. An effective subject line should grab HCPs’ attention, stop their scrolling at your email, and get them to click to read your message. To understand the power of a subject line, test various options before deployment and choose proven winners that will result in higher opens.

The success or failure of your marketing campaign begins with the subject line. To learn more about the value of subject lines, A/B subject line testing, and how it pertains to your industry, click one of the links below:

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