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All Lists are not created the same

Not all healthcare lists are created equal. It’s important that you know the advantages of each type of list to make an informed decision on which list is best for your marketing needs.
Determining which list best suit your needs can be overwhelming.
Here are a few items to consider when choosing your list:
  • What type of Healthcare Professional are you trying to contact?
  • How are you planning on reaching them? Email? Direct Mail?
  • What follow-up contacts are you planning?
  • What type of budget do you have?
Your Choices:
Association Lists
Association lists are derived from membership information. The actual data in these lists are generally supplied by the healthcare professional themselves.  These lists can include specific demographic information like specialty, age and practice information. The data is resourced by the association and/or additional authoritative resources.  Association lists tend to be more accurate as they are updated on a regular basis from the members themselves,  membership dues collection, association newsletters/journals mailed on a regular basis and association conferences.
Compiled Lists
Compiled lists are generally compiled from multiple resources that could include internal databases, state licensure information, state registries and government agencies. These lists are updated on a regular basis as the resources are updated, usually quarterly or annually. Data selections are more limited depending on the information collected. Mailing addresses are usually updated through NCOA processing.
Commercial Lists
Commercial lists are built from various globally available resources such as phone directories, public records, websites and mergers and acquisitions announcements. While these types of lists can be the most affordable, they can contain large volumes of contacts where issues can arise in keeping the information up to date. They generally have little to offer in the area of specific demographic selections.
Mail Order Buyers Lists
Mail Order Buyers Lists are targeted towards individuals who purchase products by mail.  Some consumers have never purchased products by mail and never will, while others do it all the time. These lists are updated when a purchaser orders/reorders. When choosing mail order buyers lists, it is best to get the most recent purchasers.

So which list is best for you?

We can help you determine the right list to reach your targeted audience and get your message seen by the people who want to read it.
Contact us at 800.MED.LIST (633-5478) or visit us online at to learn more about the lists we use, how we source them, and how we can help you get your message delivered with our efficient email and direct mail marketing campaigns.