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10 Things You Need to Know about the AMA Physicians File

The American Medical Association Physicians File

Learn 10 advantages of the premier physician file. The AMA file has been your trusted source for quality physician data since 1906 and in partnership with mms since 1929. We know how the file works and how it can work for you


The file consists of 100% of practicing MD physicians. There are more than 990,000 active physicians including members and non-members, MDs and DOs, practicing physicians and residents.


The AMA updates the file on a daily basis averaging 200,000 updates every day.

There are over 2,200 different resources that are used to gather information on each and every physician, including data from medical schools, residency training institutions, state licensing agencies and the American Board of Medical Specialties.
You can select from detailed demographics including over 250 self-designated primary or secondary specialties, board certifications, board certification and expiration dates, geographic locations, born, trained or licensed ties to states, type of practice, and residency programs.
The file consistently maintains a 98% Deliverability rate, USPS Address Change Service and NCOA services are used each month to maintain integrity of addresses.
The address on file is the physician's preferred address, which is where they want to receive their mail.  Preferred office location is also available on 95% of office-based physicians.
The individual physician data collection process begins upon entry to medical school.  A unique identifier (The AMA ME number) is assigned to each individual and stays with them throughout their career for data reliability.
Physician identifiers such as ME Number, NPI, UPIN and DEA numbers are available to match AMA data with other databases.


AMA data is used by the vast majority of U.S hospitals for granting physician privileges and by hundreds of medical journals for their distribution.

AMA data can be used for Continuing Medical Education offers, Physician Recruitment, Journal Distribution, Pharmaceutical Direct Marketing, Physician Verification, Market Research and Healthcare Marketing Projects. • 800.MED.LIST •